From Limerick to Kiev : waterways for Europe


On April 15, 2003, Euromapping marked its first 10 years of activity by inaugurating an exhibition within its premises entitled : From Limerick to Kiev : waterways for tomorrow's Europe. The contents of the exhibition are now being adapted and extended for a new presentation at the European Parliament building in Brussels from 27th September to 1st October 2004, as part of a lobbying exercice coordinated by various international organisations (IWI, Alliance Internationale de Tourisme, and European Boating Association).

The visitor is invited to follow a boat on its imaginary voyage from Limerick to Kiev, to discover the extraordinary potential of one of Europe's least-known resources: nearly 100 000 km of navigable canals, rivers and lakes.

For the occasion, about 10 authors and photographers from different countries contributed to an artistic photographic exhibition. Visitors were invited to select the photograph and caption which they feel illustrates most effectively the value of inland waterways for Europe today. The following authors contributed:
- Christian Carez (Belgium) : photographer
- Kevin Dwyer (Ireland) : author/photographer
- Jacques De Lagarde (France) : author/expert in river heritage
- Hugh McKnight (United-Kingdom) : author/photographer
- Bodo Müller (Germany) : reporter/photographer
- Hugh Potter (United-Kingdom) : editor of "Waterways World"
- John Riddel (France) : author/publisher
- Hans Joachim Uhlemann (Germany) : author/historian

The exhibition was hosted by the Gambsheim Tourist Office, on the Rhine north of Strasbourg, from 12th July to 9th October 2003.
The winner of the photo competition is John Riddel (France). >> to see the winner photograph

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