International organisations

Inland Waterways International
Association bringing together waterway interests worldwide.
Includes in its membership some of the leading waterway authorities, as well as individual members who have been involved for many years in promoting the cause of inland navigation as the most efficient and environment-friendly mode of transport for freight, as well as being a valuable resource for all forms of recreation, and heritage for understanding our industrial past.


International Navigation Association
This is another worldwide, non-political and non-profit making organisation, founded in 1885 to promote cooperation and progress in all technical and scientific areas related to navigation in general, both inland and maritime. Members in 71 countries, including 34 government members, 2 international river commissions, about 500 corporate and 2000 individual members. PIANC is a scientific as opposed to a lobbying organisation. Institutional-type web site, in French and English versions.


European network "VEV" (Living Waterways)
The VEV network brings together, between 1998 and 2002, 5 European regions and 4 waterway authorities or related associations in a 2-year experimental project designed to promote transnational collaboration on regional development planning. Outputs of the 55 projects conducted in France, UK, Sweden, Belgium and Italy are designed to contribute to the process of developing the ESDP (European Spatial Development Perspective). The leading partner, Midi-Pyrenees Regional Council, has set up a comprehensive bilingual web site presenting the contents of this innovative project. A follow-up project opened to other partners is envisaged.