NEW European Waterways Map and Directory
Euromapping, 2009
The 3rd edition of our popular map and directory was published in late November 2008. This new edition, with its 64-page directory by David Edwards-May, has received contributions and new material from throughout Europe, and will provide a mass of information of value to all those who are interested in inland navigation, as a mode of transport, but also - for a growing number of enthusiasts - a way of life. The two maps (front and back of the sheet) cover the same area as the previous edition: from Ireland and Portugal to the Caspian Sea and, on the other side, a significantly enhanced map covering the denser part of the network, from Dublin to Bratislava on the Danube. The booklet accompanying the map includes many colour photos and larger-scale maps of particular areas. The new edition is available in English only. A French version is being produced.
Dimensions 100 x 68 cm. Scale 1:500 000.

€ 16.00

North American Inland Waterways Map & Index
Euromapping, 2005
A new publication from Euromapping, similar in style to the map of European inland waterways, ideal for Grand Circle cruise planning and exploring the routes and vestiges of the historic canals. Covers USA and Canada from Sioux City on the Missouri in the west to Maine and Quebec in the east. Scale 1:3.5 million. The publication 'will assist the inland waterway user, educator, researcher, appreciator and bystander in pursuing their particular interests for years to come. The broad scope of this work combined with its great detail make it a most useful tool.' (Thomas X. Grasso, President, Inland Waterways International and President, Canal Society of New York State).


€ 22.00

European Waterways Map and concise Directory
Euromapping, 2002

First side, Europe from Ireland and Portugal to the Caspian Sea - dimensions 1008 x 684 mm - scale 1:4 700 000 Enlargement on reverse, with unprecedented detail, covering Dublin to Bratislava on the Danube, scale 1:1 850 000. Folded in stiff cover, with 32-page directory by David Edwards-May; brief description of waterways in each country, followed by useful addresses of waterway authorities, boating associations, etc. An indispensable reference work. Dutch-English edition (includes a new 48-page English booklet printed May 2006).

€ 16.00
  Ireland's Waterways Map and Directory
by Ruth Delany, edited by David Edwards-May and Michael Grace
Third edition of the map of inland waterways which span Ireland from north to south and east to west, together with a concise directory: descriptions of each waterway by Ruth Delany, and information supplied by Waterways Ireland. The full-colour map shows more than 1000 kilometres of navigable canals, rivers, estuaries and lakes, open for cruising holidays in hire boats or private craft. Locks, distances, navigable dimensions and boat harbours, and a useful directory identifying waterway offices, boat hire companies, waterway guides and tourist organisations. Numerous enlargements.
Dimensions 100 x 68 cm. Scale 1:500 000.

€ 17.00

UN-ECE Map of European Waterways
UN-CEE, October 2006
This map will interest all those who are involved in or monitoring inland water transport. Produced by Euromapping for the UNECE's working group on transport by inland waterway in Geneva, it distinguishes waterways by tonnage capacity, from European Class I to Class VII. Folded, 1007 x 682 mm, scale 1:4750000. Two other maps on the reverse, at a distorted scale of approx 1:6000000, show the waterways classified by available draught and by navigability zones (determined by wave height).

€ 20.00

From Sea to Sea
L.T.C. Rolt, Euromapping, 1994 (additional chapter by David Edwards-May)
Remarkably researched and documented history of conception, building and operation of the Canal du Midi, This canal, built in just 15 years (1666-1681), provides a navigable route through Southern France between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Tom Rolt, a founder of the movement for preservation of Britain's canals, tells us how this engineering achievement was inspired and led by Pierre Paul Riquet, how he won the support of Louis XIV, and how he overcame formidable technical, economic and social problems which threatened to stop the works. This historical guide, first published in 1973, is also the indispensable companion for tourists discovering the canal today. 240 pages. (french edition Le Canal Entre Deux Mers also available).
€ 24.00
Inland Waterways of France
Imray, 2002
This has been the standard reference on the French canals for nearly 50 years. The original author, E.E. Benest, established the familiar presentation in which a description of each waterway was supported by a table of distances. Since the 5th edition in 1983, David Edwards-May has followed the same pattern, while continuously improving the work in presentation and detail. For the 7th edition the text has been completely revised, and is now illustrated with detailed mapping of every waterway and nearly every junction. There are more photographs and a new selection of colour plates by Hal Stufft. This seventh edition is the most up to date source of information on the subject, and will find a home in the library of every waterways enthusiast.

€ 44.00

World Canals
Charles Hadfeild, 1986
This book by canal historian Charles Hadfield is a classic of waterway literature. 432 pages, abundantly illustrated. As in the case of the De Lalande book above, we are publishing booklets bringing together 5 chapters each, supplied with stiff colour cover and spiral binding. The first, including the first 5 chapters (I - Beginnings to 1519, II - Merchants and Princes, 1519-1759, III - Bridgewater to Von Platen, IV - Transformation by Steam, and V - What railwayman would have thought it?) is now available. Excellent attractive working document, appropriately indexed, until we ae able to publish a completely new edition.

€ 25.00